Empowering Lusaka City: Japan’s Sustainable Solid Waste Management Initiative in Zambia

On 17th June 2021, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Ministry of Local Government of Zambia officially agreed on implementation of technical cooperation project “Lusaka City Clean Project,” The purpose of the Project is to strengthen the capacity of solid waste management in Lusaka City. The expected outputs of the Project as follows:

  • The current status and priority issues for waste management are identified by MLGRD, LCC and LISWMC.
  • Management capacity of solid waste collection and transport is improved, and its basic method is established.
  • Operation and management capacity of the final disposal site is improved, and its basic method is established.
  • The management structure of LISWMC is developed.

As of August 2023, we have been conducted various surveys with the support of JICA experts, including a waste amount & composition survey (WACS), a public opinion survey (POS), a topographic survey of Chunga final disposal site, etc. Based on the results of these surveys, pilot projects to strengthen solid waste management capacity in Lusaka City will be planned and implemented with the support of JICA.

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